The end of my website — at least, on Posterous

My former website was powered by Posterous, a marvellous web platform that allows, or allowed, anyone to create a site to which they can upload any form of media, including documents, photos, galleries of photos, video, audio, and PDFs, and have them all available to see or hear inline. 

Or they could.

Posterous is closing down. Tonight, at midnight.

The business was bought by Twitter over a year ago. Insiders say twitter bought Posterous for its intellectual property and capital and for its highly skilled workforce, and had no intention of contiunuing the service itself.

True, it seems.


And a pity. No other web platform offered such flexibility and such range. Such convenience. Yes, you can upload a PDF file to other platforms, but you can’t read it inline in a Scribd window. You have to download it to your computer first. It’s not really part of your site, as it was on a Posterous site.

But my site isn’t going away.

I have migrated it here to Tumblr, where at least my entries will display in full, including images. 

The address for the moment will be

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