Harness that Spring energy with a series of yoga classes


Feeling that first touch of warmth in the air, seeing the fresh greenness of new leaves, the characteristic yellow of daffodils and dandelions, spotting the very first swallows to arrive after winter — glorious Spring has arrived at last!

So why not energise yourself, harness that Spring energy with a fitting yoga practice? Whether you prefer a morning or evening yoga class, you can benefit even more from the flow of energy around you by taking up a practice which will both energise and calm, and which will bring the immediate benefit of a more even mood as well as promoting effects which will last long after your course is over.

My new series of classes begin on Wednesday 30 April. The morning classes run for four weeks this term, with evening classes running for six weeks.

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Easter is coming — time to prepare

The first daffodils are out, crocuses are blooming, and Easter is just seven weeks away. 

Spring is the perfect season to develop new elements in your yoga practice, and my classes will provide just that over the next six weeks.

Evening classes resume on 7 March in St Patrick’s Recreation Centre at 7.30pm and run until 9 April.


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Morning classes on Wednesdays in Greystones will begin once a sufficient number of students register.

I now have almost enough potential students to begin, so please register immediately if you are interested.

Each class will start promptly at 11.00am and end at 12.15pm. The price is €75 for the series.

NEW: Morning class at 11.00am on Wednesdays in Greystones

I am now taking registrations for a NEW morning class from 11.00am to 12.15pm on Wednesdays.

The class will begin once I have sufficient numbers, so please register NOW so it can start ASAP.

Call 086 3076772 or email yoga@publiceye.ie

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Evening class resumes on 15 January

My Wednesday evening class resumes on Wednesday 15 January 2014.

Register now to be sure of a place. €75 for six classes. 

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You can follow my Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/YogaGreystones

And you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/yogaforbalance, with my personal page at https://www.facebook.com/yoga.greystones

My Winter classes are back again from 6 November

Oíche Samhain is past and winter has officially arrived today. And next week my classes resume here in Greystones.


On Wednesday 6 November my regular classes will resume at St Patrick’s Recreation Centre on Church Road, and those who are interested in a chair yoga class should contact me about my Thursday morning classes at Shoreline Community Centre.

More on both classes here: http://yogagreystones.net/classes

Information on chair yoga is here: http://yogagreystones.net/chair

Finally, for anyone who would like one to one classes, please contact me by email or phone to discuss.

Chair yoga at Greystones’ Shoreline Centre from 19 September

I am very pleased to be able to offer a series of six chair yoga classes at the Shoreline Community Centre in Greystones, starting on Thursday 19 September at 11.00am.

These classes will be as gentle as my regular viniyoga classes, but are most suitable for those with mobility difficulties or who have found regular yoga classes too challenging. 

People who will benefit include seniors, those with back or leg problems, even wheelchair users.

Chair yoga takes a holistic approach, whereby the joints in the body are taken through their range of movements through simple seated yoga postures in a chair. In addition to the posture work, the class also includes a short, centering breath-work and relaxation.

My chair yoga class aims to give those with lesser mobility an experience of classical yoga. Starting from a place of respect for each student’s limitations, each class will take the student through a range of poses while respecting the need for comfort in each. Week by week, participants will gradually gain greater confidence in their body and breath.

'To attain what was previously unattainable' — TKV Desikachar

For more information and course details, see here

Regular class resumes on 18 Sept

My regular series of classes will resume on Wednesday 18 September at 7.30pm in St Patrick’s Recreation Centre in Greystones.

A warm welcome back to all my regular and faithful students — and an equally warm welcome to those who would like to join in practising this gentle but invigorating form of classical Indian yoga.

These classes are suitable for all. They involve a gentle, slow approach with a great deal of emphasis on the breath in poses, and are not at all ‘sporty’. However, regular practice will not alone calm the mind and spirit, but will strengthen the body and improve performance of both joints and musculature.

The series extends over six weeks and the cost is still just €75 for the course.

See more here

Contact me on 086 3076772 or at yoga@publiceye.ie to book your place. Numbers are limited so don’t delay.

I am offering a short course of three classes in June, to help prepare for the inevitable stress of the holiday time.
Three classes in themselves will start to bring calm and balance to your busy life, and each student will receive guidance for a short and simple home practice to see them through the busy summer months.

I am offering a short course of three classes in June, to help prepare for the inevitable stress of the holiday time.

Three classes in themselves will start to bring calm and balance to your busy life, and each student will receive guidance for a short and simple home practice to see them through the busy summer months.

The end of my website — at least, on Posterous

My former website was powered by Posterous, a marvellous web platform that allows, or allowed, anyone to create a site to which they can upload any form of media, including documents, photos, galleries of photos, video, audio, and PDFs, and have them all available to see or hear inline. 

Or they could.

Posterous is closing down. Tonight, at midnight.

The business was bought by Twitter over a year ago. Insiders say twitter bought Posterous for its intellectual property and capital and for its highly skilled workforce, and had no intention of contiunuing the service itself.

True, it seems.


And a pity. No other web platform offered such flexibility and such range. Such convenience. Yes, you can upload a PDF file to other platforms, but you can’t read it inline in a Scribd window. You have to download it to your computer first. It’s not really part of your site, as it was on a Posterous site.

But my site isn’t going away.

I have migrated it here to Tumblr, where at least my entries will display in full, including images. 

The address for the moment will be yogagreystones.tumblr.com